In these strained economic times many people are looking for ways to save a buck. This means that any nonessential expenses get cut out of your imaginary budget to make way for basic expenses. Most money savvy people like myself look for ways to save money by going the diy route in most instances. Carpet cleaning was no different. I always balk at the thought of paying for a service I can easily do myself for a fraction of the cost. Then I came across an article where they reviewed carpet cleaning companies and it got me a little curious about the effect a professional carpet cleaning would have on my gently used (my polite way of avoiding saying ‘riddled with faded old stains’) family room carpet. It is recommended that carpets should be deep cleaned annually, and more often if you have pets or children. This is because carpets trap dirt and pollutants in your home that gets released back into your environment when agitated. Simply vacuuming or brushing your carpet is just resettling the dirt.


Despite all of these considerations, I was still resistant to the idea so I researched a bit more and found that there are so many things to consider when looking for good professional carpet cleaning services. Any choice made must also be dependent on your requirements. My first concern was carpet cleaning prices. I am budget conscious so I wanted a company that could do a good job while having competitive carpet cleaning prices for apartments. My other concern was pet odour removal. You see when you live in a small enclosed space and have a pet, you inevitably have accidents in the most inconvenient places – like your lovely carpet instead of your bathroom floor for instance. Pet odour removal service cost can be high but I was willing to see if it could work and so began the professional carpet cleaner search.


The first thing I noted when deciding who to choose was that just like anyone can DIY a basic carpet clean, anyone can claim to be a professional carpet cleaner. However, there is a difference between someone claiming to be a professional carpet cleaner and an actual professional. The difference is significant as it can save your carpet from improperly used chemicals or damage. Look for someone who is reputable and has years of experience and good recommendations. It also helps if you know someone who has used a specific carpet cleaning service. I was searching for the best carpet cleaning companies for pet stains so I asked friends who had pets to recommend good cleaners. I came out with some horror stories (of unprofessional cleaners) and some good recommendations which led to some good finds that I will keep in my address book for future carpet cleaning emergencies. To make things easier for you, here is a list of essentials that your professional carpet cleaner must deliver as well as a few tips for you:


  • Ensure that the company is certified with your local regulatory body and has professional technicians on staff.
  • A quotation: This is essential and only true professionals will take the time to come in and have a look at your carpet to analyse what needs to be done. They will also measure your space and then give you an estimate cost based on the size of your room and the state of your carpet.
  • Move the moveables and lift up your curtains. Don’t expect a professional company to do this for you, most companies prefer not to move personal items as they may become liable for damage. Make sure your space is clear for cleaning before the cleaners come in.
  • Dry Vacuuming: This is an essential first step that all professional carpet cleaners start with to remove any surface dirt. If this is not done you may have chosen the wrong company.
  • Eco-friendly products: It’s good for you, it’s good for the environment. The choice is a no-brainer. I choose eco-friendly carpet cleaning services over harsh chemical based cleaning any day.
  • Removal of mildew or mould: Most old carpets and some new ones may have mould or mildew. This should be assessed and addressed by your cleaners.
  • Different stains may require different techniques. In the written quote they should say in detail how they will approach each type of stain on your carpet and make clear the cost for removal.
  • Once stains and marks are removed in specific areas, they will move on to the next step, which is a thorough cleaning of the entire carpet.
  • Before confirming a carpet cleaning service, ensure that your carpet cleaner has a quick dry time for carpets. A good cleaning company will use processes that use very little water or will suction the water post cleaning so that your carpet is not exposed to damp conditions for too long (especially as this is what fuels the growth of mould, mildew and water stains). The ideal drying time for a carpet should be 4-8 hours and a good technician will use special fans to speed things up. Anything over this time window should be a concern to you. In addition to this, make sure your technician dry brushes your carpet to help the drying process.
  • After these steps you will need to assess your carpet. If it still stained or has an odour inform the company so they can work on it again. Often, stains and odours are trapped deep under the top layer of a carpet and a cleaning can clear up the surface while bringing the deeper stains and odours back up. Stains and odours can come back after 4-5 days which is something good professional cleaners are aware off and will come back to attend to. This is all part of the process of stain removal so do not despair if it seems that a stain and odour has returned.


 My verdict? I was lucky enough to get a good recommendation that filled all my requirements. The result was a beautifully clean carpet that was not only odour free but smelt absolutely pleasant. Despite being tight-pursed in general, a professional carpet cleaning is something that I will consider paying for now that I have experienced the difference. It is especially important if you have pets and children. I was horrified to realise how much dirt remains trapped in your carpets despite diy spot cleaning after pet messes, eeew. I’m just glad that for now my carpet is nice and sanitary.


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