Blind cleaning, curtain cleaning

Get your blinds to be cleaned today!

Underestimating the maintenance of your home or office blinds and curtains can have dire effects. Ultimately, the blinds or curtains you choose to hang in your space can positively or negatively affect the overall look and feel of your room, therefore choosing to neglect these décor items will only cost you more in the long-run!

Everyone knows, replacing blinds or curtains is not a cheap endeavor, and depending on the size of your windows, this could end up costing thousands of unnecessary Rands! Taking the time to properly maintain your blinds and curtains by having them professionally cleaned can save you the heartache of constant replacements while adding an elegant, sleek and modern look to your home or office space.

Stimvak Services offers expert blind and curtain cleaning services throughout the Durban region, while also providing a professional, honest and efficient service, at reasonable prices! We understand how something as simple as blinds and curtains can alter the appearance of your home or business – that’s why we take pride in the fast and efficient cleaning services we offer, using top-quality cleaning materials that will stand the test of time.

Stimvak Services is a well-known cleaning service provider, and as professionals, you can be assured that we will treat your home as our own! Get in touch with us for a quote on: 082 8085293 / 0829001703 / 0824459655 or mail us at:

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