I can still feel the damp squish as I sleepily stepped onto a carpet soaked with water. It took a few seconds for me to open my eyes and realize my bathroom was flooding. The water was already overflowing into my bedroom and it took a couple of hours to clear it up. Needless to say, the water left a massive stain on my carpet. I tried everything to remove it completely, with no luck. However, I learnt so much about stain removal and carpet cleaning in the process. After failing with store-bought cleaning products I decided to try using home remedies for carpet stain removal. The home remedies for carpet stains I used helped remove all the other stains from my carpet except the pesky water stain. In my case, the stain was too deeply embedded. However, these home remedies work well for messes like vomit or koki pens (the joys of parenting). These methods will also work for stains caused by red wine, tea, coffee, or pet urine. Get your spray bottle out, here’s your essential guide to what works for most carpet stains. Please note that these methods are most effective when the stain is fresh. If your carpet has older stains repeat these processes a few times or consider professional carpet cleaning.

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Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda is an all-rounder that helps with just about any carpet stain. Stain removal with baking soda is a classic. If your stain is greasy or oily start by spot cleaning the stain with a cloth soaked with a small amount of dishwashing soap. Don’t be too vigorous, as you do not want to work the grease deeper into the carpet. Work gently by blotting at the stain. You can also try blotting with a paper towel. Next, sprinkle the stain generously with baking soda. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and spray the area lightly. Leave it to sit for a few hours or even overnight which is better. When the area is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to suction the baking soda. The powder should vacuum easily and you can watch the stain vanish before your eyes, like magic! Baking soda is also a natural deodorizer that removes most odours. Here’s an expert tip, try adding of your favourite essential oils to the baking soda to get your home smelling even better. Citrus oils like lemon or orange will make your home smell amazing. If the stain still lingers you may have to repeat this process a few times. Remember to add your essential oil only at the end to avoid wastage. You can also skip the first step if your stain is not greasy.  

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White vinegar is the next item in your arsenal against carpet stains and odours. It is preferable to work on any stain before it has time to set.  Start by wetting a cleaning cloth with water and blotting your stain until it feels fairly dry. You can also use paper towels to blot the area. Mix an equal quantity of water and pure distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle.  Spray the entire area generously and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Now use another cleaning cloth to clean up the vinegar and work the stain out vigorously.  

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If you can remove Kool Aid with this method you can remove pretty much any stain, check out this handy video by popular Youtube channel TipoftheIceberg on getting rid of old stains on your carpet. It has more than 76,085 views, so they must be doing something right.  

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCGTIY6In5o

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If the process in this video is too complicated try this easier stain removal trick. Start by vacuuming your carpet. Next, make a solution of white vinegar and water (50/50) and soak a towel or cloth with it. Place this vinegar soaked towel onto your stain and get your iron ready. Now for the magic, iron over the towel until it absorbs the stain. Lift the towel and see how the stain just vanishes before your eyes.

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This one is a pretty simple solution to removing bubblegum from your carpet (something that happens all too often if you have a few kids running around). Rub the bubblegum with ice until it hardens. Once it is hard enough you can peel it off. Expert tip, get the children responsible to do the peeling!

These home remedies are wonderful when you treat your stain immediately. Despite this, even your best efforts won’t remove all stain residue. A close inspection of my carpet after my valiant cleaning attempts revealed the water stains were still there. Eventually, I threw in the proverbial vinegar-soaked towel and called in a professional carpet cleaner.  My carpet and my husband where happy! He didn’t have to walk on baking soda every few months and my carpet was free of any stains.

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