Between your kids, pets, and everything else, your carpet takes a beating. Unfortunately, the commercial carpet cleaners that you can purchase at the store can leave your house smelling for hours after you’ve cleaned up the spill. Plus, many of them contain harsh chemicals that can damage your furniture, carpets, and curtains. When you have severe stains on your carpet, you can make a DIY carpet stain remover that is easy on your wallet and won’t leave harsh chemicals behind.

Here are a couple of homemade carpet stain remover recipes that are simple to make using everyday household products that you might already have in your kitchen and bathroom. Making an effective homemade carpet cleaner is extremely easy to do. It performs just as well as the carpet cleaners that you can find at the store. Containing natural ingredients that can be found in any supermarket, these cleaners are less expensive than the commercial cleaners and are safer for your family and the environment.

1. DIY Carpet Cleaner with Vinegar

When you have spills and tough stains to treat on your carpet, a homemade spot remover is a way to go. Everything in this recipe is something you probably have in your pantry. It’s inexpensive to make and will get rid of even the toughest stains, like red wine or pet stains.

In a large spray bottle, combine the warm water and vinegar. Add the salt and essential oil of your choice. Place the cap on the bottle and shake. Liberally spray your carpet with the solution. Allow the carpets to dry. Vacuum the treated areas. For tough stains, like to get blood out of a carpet or to remove tea stains from a carpet, spray the solution directly on the stain and allow to dry. Vacuum the area. Repeat if needed.

2. DIY Carpet Steamer Solution

The carpet cleaning solution you use in your steam cleaner doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a simple homemade carpet cleaner from the products you have in your kitchen and bathroom. Not only will you save money by making your own cleaner, but it will be less toxic than those you can purchase at the store.

In your steam cleaning machine’s reservoir, mix the vinegar and the water. Clean your carpet by following the manufacturer’s instructions. The white vinegar will probably leave a slight smell for a couple of hours until it has dried. You can use several drops of essential oils in the solution to help make this method better smelling.

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