Carpets make our homes feel homier than other floor coverings. they’re often soft, strong and durable, perfect for those who want a softer alternative than regular tiles but unfortunately, with every floor covering a standard of care should be put into place. while we all may consider our carpets strong and resilient in order to benefit from them the way you intended you have to keep them fresh and clean. there’s a lot of comforts associated with carpets with making them a great choice for families as they’re softer to walk on and perfect for kids… but with that comes the risk of having kids spilling drinks on the carpet, pet hair shedding or just daily stains that may accumulate as time goes on.

 While you may feel confident cleaning your carpets or upholstery with regular water and soap you may not be able to rid your house of the damp or humid smell that often occurs. in this article we’ll be exploring the question; How does humidity affect carpet cleaning?

There are different types of carpet cleaning which are namely; steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning or even carpet shampooing.

Steam cleaning uses heated water that is often mixed with chemicals that are filled into specific equipment and sprayed onto the carpet while the machine simultaneously vacuums up the water along with any dirt and dislodged and dissolved dirt. This method is also known as hot water extraction or HWE. Many manufacturers recommend this type of cleaning as it is a deeper clean and removes more dirt but owners of man-made carpets should be wary of this method as the actual steam may damage the man-made fibres. steam cleaning can be done with the use of handheld machines or truck machines and is best done by professionals. The benefits of this method of cleaning mean that you are able to allow the water to dissolve any dirt that can be removed from deep inside the carpet which naturally means you’ll have a cleaner carpet than if you were to use a dry cleaning method. The downfall, however, is that it is still a wet cleaning method which means that while the majority of the water can be soaked up, there still will remain an adequate amount that needs to be allowed to dry. You may ask yourself questions like; “Why does my house feel damp? or “What are damp carpet causes” after you have a steam cleaner, this is why it’s important to allow the proper drying time for the carpets after they are cleaned. Especially and most importantly when you are steam cleaning as there is a higher risk of damp smells associated with this method of cleaning. Humidity occurs when the air is warmer and moister than the carpet and takes a while to absorb the extra moisture in the carpet which results in a damp smell or a humid feeling in your house.

There are a lot of factors that determine drying time, however, on average, your carpet will take from 6-12 hours to dry after a professional hot water extraction cleaning and about 2-4 hours after a dry cleaning.

 You should take note of the following tips which are some of the fastest way to dry carpets after cleaning:

Ventilation: One of the most obvious and important steps, open your windows and doors if you can to allow air to flow freely through space and on a warm day with low humidity the carpet will dry quickly. If you live in a flat or a house with a cool breeze your carpets can dry faster by simply opening aluminium doors and aluminium windows in Durban allowing the air to balance any humidity.

Dehumidifiers: They collect moisture from the room which is perfect for when you want to dry your carpet quicker. A dehumidifier in the centre of a room for a few hours should do the trick and decrease the amount of drying time needed.

A vacuum might help although the machine used to steam clean usually has a vacuum attached to it that vacuums as it cleans it still might help to vacuum your carpet if you feel like it is still too damp.

Don’t take long breaks between professional cleanings: The more often you clean your carpets the less dirt and grime can accumulate which means less steam used which in turn allows for quicker drying carpets.

Ask for a blow-dry: a professional cleaner will be able to perform a blow dry for you that will help the area they have just cleaned.

Turn on ceiling fans or air conditioning to help with the humidity in the air. This works best on colder days when opening windows are not a good option. Winter is the best time to clean carpets as the air is drier and less humid which would lessen the amount of time needed for the carpet to dry.

Also be careful when you’re walking on your carpet after it’s been cleaned as it can be slippery. If possible wear protective shoe coverings when walking over it to minimise any falls.

How long after carpet cleaning to put the furniture back

If you walk on the carpet directly after it is been cleaned you could track dirt and odours onto the carpet that defeats the purpose of cleaning the carpet in the first place. Furniture moved back onto the wet carpet can cause dents and possibly cause stains. Dirt on a wet, newly cleaned carpet might make it more difficult to clean after it’s dried as it would be soaked deeper into the carpet.

If you are moving the furniture back onto the carpets while it is still wet then be sure to place the legs of the furniture of a styrofoam or wooden block and only remove these once the carpet has dried. Items with legs can be wrapped in plastic before being put back onto the carpet.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned and taken care of it can make it last longer and you have ease of mind knowing that a trained professional is committed to ensuring your home is clean and fresh and your carpets, healthy and stain-free.

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