Remember the days when your grandmother covered her chairs and sofas in clear plastic. If you don’t you are probably too young and have grown up in an age where the miracle of fabric protection is a reality. Lucky you, I can still remember the feeling of plastic on my sweaty back from my grandma’s dining room chairs. This was a major problem on a particularly hot summer’s day.

My grandma just wanted to protect her expensive furniture. As anyone who purchases high-quality furniture will tell you, this is always a priority. Fabric protection is something you should consider before you even start using your furniture. It is easy to argue that furniture fabric protection is unnecessary and expensive but consider the alternative. You have spent thousands on a beautiful new sofa for your home and someone spills red wine on it. The pale stain that is left after you clean it just won’t budge and your brand new sofa will always look shabby. Taking this into consideration, it really is worth the slight extra expense to ensure your upholstery ages properly and is stain-resistant. Good furniture really is an investment and fabric protection is your insurance against damages and loss. Fabric protection is perfect to use on curtains, carpets, rugs, ottomans and any other soft furnishing you want to protect. Fabric protection products are non-toxic and undetectable in sight, smell, and (most importantly) touch. They usually come in a liquid form that is sprayed evenly onto your fabric with a spray bottle. There are plenty of upholstery protection products like Scotchguard which are available for do-it-yourself application. However, it is always a better idea to get a professional to apply fabric protection to your curtains, upholstery and carpets. While, it is easy to assume that applying fabric protection is a simple process and you can easily achieve professional results at home, this is not the case. A professional will know how to apply the product correctly so your fabric does not get damaged and receives full coverage at the same time. They will also know how to use the product efficiently so you are not using more product than you need which can actually cost more in the long run. Professional applicators also know fabrics better and will know what works best for a specific type of fabric. It is important to use the correct type of fabric protection as well as applicator to ensure your soft furnishing remains in pristine condition. Of course, the cost will be much higher than purchasing a fabric protection product and applying it yourself. In this case, the benefits make up for the added expense. Home furnishing is expensive and regular wear and tear can make your prized-possessions look old very quickly. This is what usually happens if they have not been treated with fabric protection. Treatment with fabric protectors can determine whether an item ages gracefully or looks like it’s been through the mill after a few years. It is not only the odd spill that can damage your soft furnishings. Daily use can damage your soft furnishings like carpets, upholstery, curtains and rugs as well. We usually resort to harsh cleaners to try and clean up these every day stains like ‘browning’ or scuff marks. It is important to note that the fabric and fibres in soft furnishing actually get damaged more with abrasive cleaners. While these cleaners may help to remove stains they are actually damaging the fabric in the long term. In addition to this these cleaners contain chemicals that can harm the environment and the ozone layer. Most commercially available stain removal products are not safe for children and pets as well. In addition to this most people assume that all-in-one cleaners or stain removers are safe and will rescue your soft furnishings or carpet from some horrible stain. Most of these products contain harsh chemicals that can actually set stains and ruin the fabric you use it on. The sofa, carpet or rug will never be the same once you have used a chemical cleaning product on it. Firstly, there will be colour loss as most cleaning products damage fabric dye as well. You will most likely have a much lighter patch where you have used the product. Your fabric will also start fading faster as the dye in the fibre has already been compromised. Your furniture and soft furnishing will never look the same. Secondly, most cleaning products are detergent based and will form foam when being rubbed onto a fabric with water. Because you are wiping this foam onto your sofa or rug it will make the area go darker as the soap scum and dust collects on the surface of the fabric. It is impossible to remove this soap scum unless you completely rinse an item out after using a cleaning product like this.

There are many fabric protection products available that are safe for children and pets. These products also strengthen your soft furnishings. They are non-toxic and do not harm the environment or the ozone layer. A product such as Teknoguard fabric protection applicator actually preserves the quality of the fabric. It gives fabric long-lasting protection from spills and stains. Oil-based stains can be hard to remove and products like Teknoguard offer maximum protection against all spills and oil-based stains. You can literally just wipe away dirt and stains with a damp cloth. Teknoguard is one of the best steps to take in stain prevention and making any fabric stain resistant. Fabric treated with Teknoguard Fabric Protection Applicator lasts longer, looks better and is much easier to clean than fabric that is not treated.  

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