All too easily we ignore carpet cleaning and maintenance. If you ever look at your carpet carefully, it may seem perfect at the first glance, but on further inspection you may realise that there are far too many things wrong with it. Either the fibres from the carpet are coming out on various places on the carpet or the carpet doesn’t have that fresh look to it anymore due to stains that have collected over a period of time. Things that are below our feet generally end up getting neglected even though these are the items that need maximum attention as they receive majority of the wear.

In this article, we review some of the most simple tricks to carpet cleaning so that your carpets can remain feeling fresh and looking clean, always.

Invest in good carpet padding. Don’t ever compromise on carpet padding. It’s an absolute must due to its many benefits. Carpet padding is not noticeable, nobody will ever notice, however if you don’t have it in place, people will definitely notice the wear and tear on your carpets. Carpet padding helps protect your carpet from falling apart into shreds due to wear over the years. It is usually made up from a rubber or foam like material that gives the floor a good finish by filling in any imperfections. Another great advantage of using carpet padding is that it works as an insulator and helps regulate the temperature of your carpets which in turn helps regulate your room temperature. This dynamic padding also helps as a noise proofing and deadens excessive noise such as foot steps above ground floor.

The next trick in the book is that you are never to vacuum a brand-new carpet.

The reason for this is that, if your carpet is less than six weeks old, it still needs time to bed in. Carpets consist of a certain amount of loose fibre packing which helps hold the pile upright. Once this has been sucked out by a vacuum cleaner, the pile tends to go flat resulting in a worn looking carpet.

Perhaps your carpet has developed wrinkles over a period of time, placing a heavy object on it in the hope that it will settle over night will just not cut it. Carpet wrinkles need to be ironed out. Place a dampened towel over the wrinkle and apply pressure with an iron. When the towel has dried up, the carpet wrinkle should be gone.

A regular mould check will help make sure you are not a victim of a mould infestation. The most common reason to a mould build up is moisture within the carpet. Should mould be found on your carpets, it would be highly advisable to get surrounding water pipes checked for leaks. To remove mould spots, a simple solution can be brewed up for application to the spots. A simple combination of dish washing liquid and washing soda in equal amounts to a little bit of water should do the trick. Simply apply these together and wait for them to foam up. Wait for the foam to turn dry and then apply this to the spots on your carpet, this will clear the spots right up.

Carpet stain removal is the most common process that is searched for within the industry. Carpet stains can be tough but like most bad things, they can be fixed. The only trick to understanding carpet stain removal would be that you need to know which category a stain falls into so that the correct methods and detergents can be applied to it in the process of the carpet stain removal.

For tough stains such as blood, milk, soya sauce, cheese and even mud stains, this simple procedure can be used.

  • Add a single teaspoon of mild wash detergent or bleach to lukewarm water. Apply this mixture over the stained area and then blot dry.

For tough stains such as gravy and butter:

  • Simply apply a few drops a dry-cleaning solvent to the stained area followed by blot drying.
  • Thereafter, add a single teaspoon of mild detergents to a cup of lukewarm water, apply this to the carpet stain and blot dry, leave to air dry out completely.

Ever wondered how to get old pet stains out the carpet?

  • Combine two tablespoons of baking soda with a mild fabric detergent, apply this to the pet stain and gently work in
  • Dab dry with a sponge

Should none of these DIY tricks help get those stains out of your carpet, it may be time to contact the professionals. Stimvak offers professional carpet cleaning and advanced carpet stain removals at highly competitive prices, get in contact with us today if the stain simply wont go away.

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