You’ve finally got the home of your dreams or just the home you finally feel your best in, beautiful furniture, a unique carpet, and long flowy curtains. Now it’s time to enjoy it? Well before you get too excited about your home, remember that with enjoyment there’s always the risks of fabrics arch enemy… a stain! A wonderful lounge can be ruined by a spill of wine, curry or even marks left behind by kids and pets. Your fabric stain protection journey can start now! If you’ve already got some fabric stains around your home, this post will help you discover some ways to get rid of it and if you’re interested in doing the smart thing and realize that furniture fabric protection is worth it, keep reading.

Depending on which room of your house you’re in the risk of spillage is more intense or common and there are different products out there to use as a fabric protector. Many people assume that a simple spray of scotch guard will work for all the materials and surfaces in your home but unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than that.

Each item in your home has a different surface material and composition of material as well as different uses and traffic. For example, in your lounge, you may have a wooden dining room table, a leather couch, and a plush fabric carpet. Each of those items come with their own treatment and protection place which means that not only do you have to ask yourself if Scotchguard is safe to use on it but also whether there is a better option out there for the item.

Let’s start in the room which usually has the most activity, the living room. In here there are high-value items like couches and even the room with the occasional carpet. If you have stains in your home you can choose to use home remedies or to use a product to clean with.

For couch stains, you can use a mixture of household items depending on the type of stain.

Below are three options of items you may mix using items already in your home for stain removal:

Carbonated water: Carbonated water or soda water is a great alternative for removing stains on fabric. It’s pH neutral and odorless. Carbonated water is usually the most effective choice compared to water when used for tackling stubborn stains like wine or blood. So, instead of using water to clean or rinse stains, pour a small amount of carbonated water onto the stain to blot. Remember to dry the damp spot thoroughly after spotting is completed to prevent a stain or watermark from forming.

White vinegar: A white vinegar arrangement is a decent home solution for expelling smell and stains on fabric surfaces. Blend some white vinegar and some cool water into a cleaned and empty splash bottle. When dealing with a recent or freshly made stain, remember to remove any abundant or strong excess liquid or fluid before starting the stain removal process by utilizing a kitchen towel. Rather than wiping the wet stain, gently dab the stain with kitchen paper to prevent the abundance liquid to keep the stain from spreading.

And lastly, a baking soda mixture: Baking soda paste is an effective homemade stain solution for stubborn stains like coffee and wine. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda and 1/8 cup of water together in a bowl and stir them together to form baking soda paste.  After blotting the spillage using a clean damp cloth, apply the paste onto the spot by using a piece of clean cloth and leave it to sit for few hours to overnight to dry then vacuum it off.

If you’re keen on preventing stains before they happen then you can use a fabric protector. There are many options to choose from but the most popular options are Vectra and Scotchguard.

Vectra is a spray bottle solutions that makes for easy application. It’s used on all fine colorfast carpets, rugs, upholstery, automobile interiors and apparels, as well as on cashmere, wool, silk, suede and porous leather.It helps to Protect against coffee, tea, wine, grease and food stains.

Scotchguard is made for not just material but can also be used as a stainless steel cleaner depending on the product you buy. It’s made by the 3M company and is a household name when it comes to protecting fabric.It has many benefits such as strong carpet protection repels spills for easier cleanup. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas, runners, bath mats, auto mats and more. It also doesn’t change the look and feel of your carpet and helps to limit reappearing spots. Scotchguard fabric protector is a common and well used item and is relatively safe around children and most fabrics.

These products do help prevent stains from becoming permanent. You can wipe the stain off (or blot) before the stain sets in forever. It’s advised that you apply these products after at least a year depending on how often it’s used. You want to make sure that they are always coated and can protect your couch and material as much as possible. Using green label fabric protectors are usually good for the environment and free of major chemicals.

Of course if you’re hassled by all the work and think that you might risk the safety of your couch and home materials you can leave the fabric stain protection to the professionals and if you’re already stained an item of furniture you can be sure to content us and we’ll try our best to help you with all your cleaning needs.

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