Persian, woollen and all woven rugs

Get your Persian, woollen and woven rugs cleaned today!

Making the investment in top-quality rugs for your home is set to be an investment that should last years – that is, if you invest proper time and care in the maintenance of your rugs! Getting the longest possible life-span out of your specialty rugs boils down to taking the time to truly care for them with professional cleaning services.

Persian, woollen and woven rugs are generally not a cheap purchase for your home – items such as these can cost in excess of thousands of Rands and therefore deserve some professional TLC! Whether your Persian, woollen or woven rugs decorate a hallway, lounge room, dining room or bedroom, chances are they bare plenty of traffic and wear and tear. Over the years, these types of rugs will require proper cleaning and care – and who better to contact than our team at Stimvak Services?

At Stimvak Services we invest the time, energy and professional knowledge in keeping your Persian, woollen and woven rugs in the best conditions possible. Our service focuses on thoroughly cleaning your home’s carpets and rugs, We do repairs and refringing to Persians – injecting a few more years of life into some of your most cherished décor pieces!

Stimvak Services truly understands how the appearance of your carpets and rugs can affect the overall look and feel of your home. We aim to keep your space clean and fresh as well as modern and elegant with our professional carpet and rug cleaning services. Contact us for all your home or office rug cleaning needs: 082 8085293 / 0829001703 / 0824459655 or mail us at:

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