Teknogard fabric protection applicators

Get Teknogard fabric protection applicators

Stains on our furniture, beds, curtains and cushions are unfortunately inevitable, most especially if you have young children with sticky fingers running throughout your house. Over the years, our homes go through some serious wear and tear, but the key to maintaining a home that looks decent throughout this time is one that undergoes cleaning and maintenance by professionals – and that’s where Stimvak Services comes in!

Stimvak offers professional home and office cleaning services with our state-of-the-art Teknogard anti-stain and fabric protection treatments. We understand that taking pride in the appearance of your home’s furniture, curtains and other décor items should be top priority, as the time and cost it takes to replace these items if not well-maintained can be completely unnecessary! With Teknogard fabric protection you can avoid the heartache of replacing these costly items due to unsightly stains that can’t be removed.

Teknogard is a truly versatile product and can be applied to all variations of fabrics, including silks, linens, blends and even pre-treated fabrics. Additionally, this product retards the growth of odour causing bacteria, moulds, fungi and mildew – reducing the development of dust mites and harmful germs in your home.

Further benefits of Teknogard:

  • This product is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications – ideal for restaurants, conference venues, wedding venues and hotels
  • The Teknogard treatment supplies a protective barrier to materials, preventing stains from penetrating the fabric  
  • Teknogard prevents water and oil-based spills and stains from soaking into the fibres of materials – making it easier to brush, blot or wipe the affected spill area

Stimvak Services are licenced professionals and applicators of Teknogard and offer a service that is reliable, attentive and cost-effective. For all your home or office cleaning requirements, contact us for a quote on: 082 8085293 / 0829001703 / 0824459655 or mail us at: martie@stimvak.co.za

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